Sunday, 9 April 2017

Handy Recipes ... preparing for success!

Preparing for Success ... this is so important in whatever pursuit we follow. If we do not prepare ourselves sufficiently, we can't expect to achieve our maximum potential because we might lack the necessary resources to ensure success will be achieved.

So preparation is vital to any weight management plan!

In the past, I know that when I felt stuck or didn't know what to eat, if I didn't have some handy "go-to" recipes available ... then that would be when I started to look for easy option "junk" foods but now, no more ... I have to be prepared for success!

I'm going to start sharing some of the recipes that I have been finding and/or making as they are truly delicious and it's so nice to build up a repertoire of recipes to draw on for those preparation days and/or days when you just can't figure out what to cook next!

I made this last night - it's Keto Caramel Apple Mug Cake - it was so yummy and really filling but not really sweet!

Thank you to this Web Link for the ideas -

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