Sunday, 9 April 2017

Handy Recipes ... preparing for success!

Preparing for Success ... this is so important in whatever pursuit we follow. If we do not prepare ourselves sufficiently, we can't expect to achieve our maximum potential because we might lack the necessary resources to ensure success will be achieved.

So preparation is vital to any weight management plan!

In the past, I know that when I felt stuck or didn't know what to eat, if I didn't have some handy "go-to" recipes available ... then that would be when I started to look for easy option "junk" foods but now, no more ... I have to be prepared for success!

I'm going to start sharing some of the recipes that I have been finding and/or making as they are truly delicious and it's so nice to build up a repertoire of recipes to draw on for those preparation days and/or days when you just can't figure out what to cook next!

I made this last night - it's Keto Caramel Apple Mug Cake - it was so yummy and really filling but not really sweet!

Thank you to this Web Link for the ideas -

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Knowing yourself is the key to empowerment!

I really believe that a huge part of the weight management journey is about knowing yourself implicitly.

I've known for many years that my head was not in the right space to really tackle this journey once and for all. Perhaps it was fear of success, as crazy as that may sound, or fear of losing the weight only to put it all back on again which continually seemed to happen for the yo-yo effect to take hold!

On Saturday night, I had a dinner out and whilst I didn't eat terribly, I also didn't eat sensibly but I was in full control of my actions and I have not berated myself as a result of it. I had a simple schnitzel (I only ate 1/2 of it) and some hot chips with a mushroom sauce - it was delicious ... and then I indulged and had a "Nutella Cronut with Chantilly Cream and ice-cream" ... oh my goodness ... looking at it, it looked amazing and my mouth salivated at the thought of eating it! Again, I didn't actually eat the whole thing but when I did get stuck into it, I actually found it to be really sweet and rich (esp. the Nutella) ... and boy-oh-boy did I pay for it later! I had terrible stomach cramps for the rest of the night, I felt a bit off (not quite nauseous) and bloated and generally just yuck! And once again, I was reminded why I'm following LCHF ... it truly is the only way for my body to feel healthy and functional and for the weight loss to be consistently going down.

I should also share that I feel like I've gone through my first plateau phase which I had dreaded with some intrepidation because in the past, it has always been the barrier or the hurdle I can't seem to see past or over ... and I will admit it has been a bit demoralising and discouraging. But then a small voice inside me just kept saying "Keep going ... you can do this ... it will happen for you when your body is ready to lose again ... hang in there ..." and so I am excited to say that by Thursday this week, I had hit a new low (that's a bit of a paradox isn't it ... being happy about hitting a new low!") ... but nonetheless, I am now 14.2kgs lighter and feeling so good for it!

Knowing yourself is the key to empowerment because when you know yourself, you will be aware of what is going to work for you and what isn't and I've learnt a powerful lesson about the fact that just because something may sound delicious on the menu and may look amazing when the plate hits the table, it doesn't always taste as amazing as I imagine it to ... and I am deceived by my own perceptions and expectations. I then also suffer for indulging in something that clearly, my body is no longer needing! Do I regret what I did ... actually, No, I don't because I know for the next time that I don't need to go to that place where my eyes and ears deceive me into believing it will be ok to have that indulgence! I have no regrets, I don't feel guilty ... my mind is strong, I'm back on track and moving forward and ... nothing is going to stop me now!

Empowerment is knowing yourself so that you don't trip yourself up over and over again with the same mistakes ... knowing yourself is key!